Family Testimonials

Caroline Gaby – Daughter of Max Ritter

“After interviewing several facilities I chose Morningview Assisted Living for my Dad. They offer levels of care and have large private rooms in a beautiful building that smells fresh and is always clean. They offer daily activities such as art projects, group fun, and physical activities as well as family events.

What I didn’t know until my Dad moved in was how caring and compassionate the employees were. Sharon, the Director of Nursing only hires the best people for her staff. She is totally dedicated to the residents and always there when needed. Everyone from Upper Management to the custodial staff was always polite, kind, and helpful. I could not have made a better choice for my Dad.”


Josh and Aimee Clark – Son in Law and Daughter of Constance J. Ruff

“The moment we walked through the front door, we knew that Morning View was the place we wanted our mom to call home. The rooms were beautiful and we loved the large windows. The real beauty and strength are not in the bricks and glass of the building but the people that work there and care for our loved ones.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for the staff at Morning View. The love and dedication that they show to the residents and their families are priceless. It was difficult to have mom taken care of by someone else but as I became close to the staff, I knew they were an extension of our family and mom would be well cared for.”


Chris Manly – Daughter of Margaret Mclaren

“Used to be, kids took care of their aging parents. My grandfather lived with our family for several years and my parents took care of him.  These days, with their advances in medical care, people live longer and need care at a much more advanced age.

Mom is 96 now and has required round the clock care the last 4 years, but my husband and I really aren’t able to cope with the physical needs she has.
It has been the greatest blessing for us to find Morningview, where Sharon and her dedicated and loving staff take care of Mom the way would if we could. I never worry about how she is being treated because none of the Morningview staff has a job….they have a calling!”



“The nursing staff are very capable and very caring for the residents. All of the residents look up to the nursing for help and the nursing staff are there for them. The nursing staff are always there for my sister when she needs help and I couldn’t be any happier.”



“Everything is very great. My mother is here and she is as happy as I have seen her in a long time. She has made many friends and cares for the other residents. The nursing staff take very great care of her. They are very friendly to her and they will go out of their ways to make sure my mother is taken well care of.”



“This facility is as close to perfect as it can be for my mother. Without Morningview, she would be stuck in a nursing home. The nursing staff take great care of her. She has a home here and we couldn’t be any happier.”