Can my loved ones keep his/her own doctor?

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Yes, absolutely that choice is always yours. If you want to keep going to your regular physician that’s great if not we have a physician who is in house weekly and available via phone 24/7 that’s fine.  Dr. Susan Moore is amazing and will be honored to start treating your loved one if you choose her.

How will I know what items I need to buy for my loved one and what items you provide?

Assisted Living is considered your loved one’s apartment.  For this reason, your loved one is responsible for all toiletries, incontinence products, perfumes, wipes, linens, and towels, wash clothes, scissors, etc. ** Anything sharp or unsafe needs to stay at home.

 When can we come visit?

Anytime you want to.  Friends and others can visit at any reasonable hour.  Immediate family is welcome anytime.  If in doubt please don’t hesitate to call.

What if my loved one goes to the hospital?

We have 2 sister facilities in the area to make sure there is a continuation.  There can go for therapy at Briarcliff and return to their apartment when it’s once again safe. Or in the case of needing a more secure dementia setting Morningside can definitely meet your loved ones care needs.

During a 24 hour period, how long is a nurse there?

All the time. There is a licensed nurse in the building around the clock.  Morningview is staffed better than most long term care facilities.  Due to the way the building is set up the Director of Nursing is able to staff one nurse and two Certified Nursing Assistants on each floor

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